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Worms Zone

Become the largest worm in Worms.Zone by joining the battle. You have to eat a lot of food to acquire size while competing against other worms in a large multiplayer arena. Get an advantage by slithering toward the power-ups. I can't stop playing game!

How-to guide for Worms Zone

Survival of the fittest is the rule in You must eat and gain weight if you want to become a large, powerful worm. Who knew that being a worm could be so enjoyable? So that you can devour all of your rivals' delectable food, don't forget to capture them.

You can speed up your worm by clicking with either the left or right mouse button. To gain an advantage over your competitors, use it selectively and strategically as you run toward significant prizes. You become slower the bigger you get. Use turbo sparingly when you are huge and a lot when you are tiny as it costs more points to your score as you get bigger.

How to play

Move with your mouse.

Left-click to speed up.

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