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Smash Karts

Smash Karts is a 3D kart fight game for two or more people. You have to win by driving your go-kart, picking up guns, and blowing up other karts. Keep playing to reach higher levels and get new characters and gifts.

Play games to get XP

Face off against other players in the field for 3 minutes of kart-smashing chaos. There are many maps to look at. When you play a public game, you get XP, which you can then use to level up.

As you level up, you'll get money, hats, wheels, and tokens for your characters. You can use character tokens in the prize machine to get different types of rare new characters.

Get some guns

When you drive over the boxes with question marks, you can get guns and power-ups at random. You can get everything from the ability to never die to rockets, machine guns, and mines. Get in your kart and start making trouble!

Customize your kart!

You can choose from a bunch of weird little people and karts. In the customize menu, you can change how your kart and figures look. There are karts, characters, hats, and holiday things to choose from.

How to play

WASD or arrow keys to drive your kart.

Space to fire weapons.

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