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Gartic IO

Gartic IO allows participants to compete while showcasing their artistic talents. Play with friends or complete strangers from anywhere in the world and is based on the well-known drawing and guessing game Pictionary.

The game's goal is straightforward: each player takes turns drawing a word that is assigned to them at random while the other players attempt to guess what it is. Both the player who drew the picture and the player who correctly predicted the word receive points. Each round of the game, which is played in succession, consists of a number of turns.

The fact that players can select from a number of languages in Gartic IO is one of its distinctive aspects, making it available to a worldwide audience. The game can also be made more challenging and varied by allowing players to choose from a range of word categories, such as those related to animals, cuisine, or movies.

Gartic IO has straightforward, user-friendly drawing tools with a selection of colors and brush sizes. Additionally, the game has a chat component that enables interactivity between players. This can be useful for asking questions or providing hints regarding the drawing.

For players of all ages and ability levels, Gartic IO is an excellent game. It is simple to learn and amuses you for hours. Anyone with a computer or smartphone can play the game because it can be played on any device with an internet connection.

Overall, Gartic IO is a fun and interesting game that cleverly and entertainingly combines creativity with competitiveness. Gartic IO is likely to keep you entertained for hours, whether you play with friends or complete strangers.

How to play

Play with your left mouse button.

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