Trending hot games new games Io Games Card Games 2 Player Games Car Games is one of the best games for multiplayer gaming. You must eat or you will be eaten in the fascinating and compulsive MMO game Agario as you compete to conquer the universe of vivid cells. There are just two simple rules to the game: 1) You must avoid contact with larger objects at all costs; 2) You can only eat targets that are smaller than you in order to evolve. As you move through the grid, try to collect each of the tiny color blips. Eat and expand, separate and reproduce, and conquer the world.

Expand to make the biggest cell you can. Users move forward while avoiding attacks and have good reflexes. Make the cell ingest the minuscule colored dots so that it can grow. Take control of the arena and devour other players in frenzied multiplayer gameplay.

How to play

Use your mouse to play. Press W to eject mass, and spacebar to split yourself.


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