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Stunt Mania 3D

In the exhilarating and adrenaline-filled game Stunt Mania 3D, players take control of a powerful motorcycle. Players must race against the time to finish each level in this game while pulling off a range of daring stunts and maneuvers.

With intricate landscapes and realistic physics, the game's breathtaking 3D graphics bring the world to life and make every jump, flip, and trick feel authentic. You'll be on the edge of your seat whether you're racing through the city streets, tearing up the dirt tracks, or taking off into the skies with Stunt Mania 3D. It's an intense and immersive experience.

The snappy and easy-to-use controls of Stunt Mania 3D are among its primary characteristics. It's simple for players to maneuver their motorcycle through the difficult courses in the game by using tilt or touch controls. A wide selection of bikes, each with distinct handling and performance attributes, are also available in the game.

You'll find new obstacles and stages as you go through the game, which will test your abilities. Stunt Mania 3D offers a variety of thrilling games that will entice you to return, from fast racing to daring jumps.

Stunt Mania 3D has a multiplayer mode where you can compete against people worldwide in addition to its single-player option. The game's multiplayer mode offers lots of excitement and thrills, whether your goal is to impress your friends or simply pass the time.

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All things considered, anyone who like fast-paced racing and spectacular feats should definitely check out Stunt Mania 3D. This game will keep you entertained and invigorated for hours with its amazing graphics, simple controls, and thrilling gameplay. Set your engines and download Stunt Mania 3D right away if you're prepared to take on the challenge and perfect stunts!

How to play

A.S.W.D - main control

2 - more power to accelerate

Space - rear brake

O.E.F.V - shift center off mass of biker

R - restart/ RightShift+R - full restart

RMB - rotate camera

Z - turn on/ off ESP

C - toqqle reverse

P- Pause menu

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