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MotoCross Riders

In the thrilling off-road racing game MotoCross Riders, you take control of formidable dirt bikes and prepare to take on difficult terrain while competing against other riders. This game, which was created by a group of enthusiastic gamers and motocross fans, provides an immersive experience that accurately portrays the adrenaline and excitement of actual motocross racing.

Bring Your Inner Rider Out

You can let your inner rider go and pretend to be a professional motocross racer in MotoCross Riders. Take your pick from a range of customisable bikes, each with special features, and enter the competitive off-road racing scene. There's a bike out there that fits your style, whether it's speed, control, or agility.

Exciting Tracks and Sceneries

Get ready to be astounded by MotoCross Riders' breathtaking graphics and painstakingly created courses. Every setting, from bumpy desert landscapes to muddy forests, presents a unique set of difficulties. As you pursue victory, sprint through tight spaces, clear dangerous gaps, and negotiate hairpin twists.

Practical Physics and Mechanisms

The realistic physics engine of MotoCross Riders, which faithfully recreates the dynamics of motocross racing, is one of the game's main highlights. As you learn to time your leaps and lean into corners, you'll feel the weight of your bike and be able to control yourself across tough terrain. You can handle your bike precisely thanks to the easy controls, which truly give you control over it.

Difficult Gameplay Settings

A variety of gaming modes are available in MotoCross Riders to keep you interested and entertained. In the Career mode, put your talents to the test as you participate in a variety of championships and advance through the ranks to win the title of ultimate motocross champion. Try the Time Attack mode for a little adrenaline boost, where the goal is to beat your own records on difficult tracks.

Player-on-player Chaos

In MotoCross Riders' multiplayer mode, take on rival gamers or friends from across the globe. Show off your abilities, go head-to-head in competitive races, and establish yourself as the fastest rider on the circuit. With multiplayer feature that operates in real-time, the competition never ends.

Open and Improve in MotoCross Riders

Gaining experience in MotoCross Riders will provide you access to new bikes, accessories, and improvements. Win races and complete challenges to earn rewards that you can use to improve the performance of your bike or alter the look of your rider. Use accessories, decals, and paint jobs to showcase your personal flair.

An exhilarating off-road racing experience is provided by MotoCross Riders, which will captivate you for hours. It is a must-play for fans of racing games and motocross fanatics alike because of its realistic physics, difficult gameplay options, and breathtaking graphics. In MotoCross Riders, put on your helmet, start your engine, and get ready to take control of the dirt courses!

How to play

WASD or arrow keys - control motocross

Esc - go to the main menu

Shift - use nitro

Space bar - brake

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