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Home Pin 1

Home Pin 1 is a game that turns an abandoned house into a dream home. You will play as Edward - the owner of this house and help him complete them.

Basic information of Home Pin 1

Edward has just moved into this house. Unfortunately it was an abandoned house. You will start the game and help him overcome all the traps to complete each level.

How to play Home Pin 1

  • Similar to other Pin games. In each level of the game, you must be flexible and apply strategies to open Batteries at the right location. Above the Batteries can be gold coins, diamonds, items to upgrade the house.... They will help a lot in making the house splendid, clean and beautiful. than.
  • On the contrary, if you open the wrong Batteries, a series of other traps and disasters will come to Edward. Those could be passages of molten red lava, From which the work of finishing his house would not be completed.
  • Not only upgrading the house, but also rescuing his beloved girlfriend. After being rescued, there will be surprise gifts from the girl to Edward.

Features of the game

  • Eye-catching illustrations, attractive interior design.
  • Upgrade mode creates an attractive overall aesthetic
  • Play smoothly on all platforms and completely free

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How to play

Use mouse to play Home Pin 1

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