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Hoard Master

Hoard Master is a game about collecting and hoarding. You will control a hole through the levels in a spectacular way. Win with skillful controls.

How to play Hoard Master

Hoard Master is an extremely flexible game that forces you to practice through different levels to win. In the levels will be spread out on a road. These paths will have different graphic designs throughout each level.

On the way there will be many moving orange dolls. This is the main source of energy for the hole to grow faster. Collect a lot of these dolls

Besides, the color of the bracelet is also a feature to pay attention to. There will be more obstacles on the way, they can also become a source of energy for you through their color characteristics. If they are the same color you can suck them to increase the size of the hole you are moving.

A level will contain more traps and obstacles. You can always be a winner if you play a lot! Good luck

How to play

Click on the hole to move and create attraction for the hole

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