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Hippo SuperMarket

Hippo SuperMarket is a game that simulates the business of a supermarket with an online game model. No age limit, all players can become a real business.

The best way to play

Each player will assume the role of a green hippo with a charming cartoon design, true to the game's name. It's not easy to do business, run a store, and develop one. All problems, however, are teachable and practiceable. Similar to that, players in this Hippo Suppermarket game will be guided and provided comprehensive instructions right away.

We should start by learning how to synthesize products. Recall the procedures for combining items. Combine small wood pieces to create barrels that can be used to make tiny water bottles. There will be more instructions given to you. Follow through to earn incentives commensurate with your work.

In the game, explore the checkout counter, fruit and vegetable counter, bakery, and other grocery sections. In addition to interacting with a variety of audiences and handling cash and items to mimic the duties of a cashier, they can also learn about different foods.

The Hippo Supermarket game is exceptional

  • In the Hippo SuperMarket game, players get access to several features such as managing their own grocery shop, stocking shelves, helping customers, and generating revenue to expand and enhance their enterprise.
  • Users can engage in engaging and entertaining activities such as stocking the store, planning events, and decorating it to entice other players.
  • With its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay, Hippo SuperMarket provides players with an entertaining simulation of managing a prosperous supermarket, letting them experience the excitement and challenges of owning their own business.
  • The game aims to teach youngsters about grocery shopping, healthy eating, and money management through entertaining and interesting gameplay. It's an excellent way for youngsters to learn and enjoy themselves!

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Upgrading during the game will give your store a new appearance from an empty one. You are the one who made this wonderful change. Savor them!

How to play

No need to use too many operations, use the mouse to play!

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