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Goober Dash

The thrilling and action-packed mobile game Goober Dash.The players take control of Goober. And dash through a variety of obstacles and difficulties to win.

Mechanics of Goober Dash

  • Goober Dash has been launched with many players around the world. The character's smooth movement method is a big plus for the game. But besides that, you will also need to learn how to move your character and slow down before the pitfalls that await your character ahead.
  • At the character's feet there is a yellow energy bar. This energy level will gradually disappear when you use special movement skills. It is the skill of moving quickly in every direction you control.
  • Simple controls, all instructions are given at the start of the game. Or you can see more instructions about control methods in the game information.

Skins in Goober Dash

- Get ideas from the funny image of beans. Comes with many colors for the character, you can choose according to your preferences. Unlock them and use them!

- Besides, there are many trendy fashion styles. Full of creativity of new game technology.

How to play

Move with arrow keys or WASD
Use speed skills with the spacebar key

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