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Fashion Blogger

A simulation game is what a Fashion Blogger game is. where participants handle many facets of their virtual blogging career while assuming the character of a Fashion Blogger.

Game Modes

  • Immersion in the glamorous realm of fashion and social media impact can be had by players through the thrilling and absorbing experience of playing a game called "Fashion Blogger."
  • Usually, to get started, you'll make your own Fashion Blogger avatar and customise their look and style to suit your own preferences.
  • After you enter the game, you'll set out on a quest to overcome a number of obstacles and activities in order to become a well-known fashion influencer.
  • To create eye-catching outfits, mix and match clothing, accessories, and makeup. Fashion events, photoshoots, and your blog can include these ensembles.
  • You can increase your visibility and have access to exclusive chances by going to fashion events and networking with industry insiders.

After each outfit and hair, you will come to the background design. After finishing the background you can make photos for your blogger. After you have those great photos, you will get a number of likes from the fans of the characters of the character you have completed.

How to play

All operations are in mice

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