Trending hot games new games Io Games Card Games 2 Player Games Car Games is an IO platform game. This is a worldwide exchange game. That is the general nature of IO. IO games are typically online multiplayer games that are easily accessible and often have simple mechanics.

Obstacles in

From the environment

When you control the duck too far from their nest. Go towards the middle of the river. You will likely encounter very large boats. Stay away from them and you will fail if you encounter them.

From opponents

Keep your ducks away from other ducks. Because when your opponent can get close and interrupt your flock of ducklings. This means you will likely lose those ducklings. And vice versa, you can also do the same thing with your opponents to increase the number of your ducklings.

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Upgrade in

Similar to other IO games, also has a store of upgraded costumes specifically for ducks. Upgrading is not difficult, it depends on the ducklings you collect. The nest will gradually be upgraded to be more beautiful and taller. is an IO game, it can require players to control duck characters in a virtual environment. The game may include tasks such as navigating through obstacles, collecting other ducklings, or competing against other ducks in various challenges. These ducks are also the players competing with you.

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