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Crystal Connect

Players in Crystal Connect must join crystals on the board using logic and connectivity. Crystals of different hues will make patterns on each board.

The rules for using Crystal Connect

  • The objective for the player is to create chains by joining crystals of the same color.
  • Balls will vanish from the board and let players score points when three or more of the same color are linked together.
  • In the time allocated, the player must figure out how to connect the crystals in a way that removes every pattern.
  • When the pattern and quantity of crystals on the board grow, the game will get harder and harder.

Features of Crystal Connect

  • Players create chains of crystals of the same color in this logical puzzle. If at least three tiles of the same hue are connected, they disappear.
  • Randomly arranged crystals of several hues generate different patterns on each Crystal Connect board. Players have more options and difficulties.
  • As the number and density of crystals on the board increase, the game will become more difficult. Players need excellent strategy and planning.
  • Crystal Connect players must think logically and rapidly to connect and delete patterns.
  • Crystal Connect is a logic game that's enjoyable and hard. It builds mental agility by challenging you to think, evaluate, and solve issues rapidly.
  • Continuous and real-time: The game encourages players to make real-time decisions and actions, making it appealing and challenging.


How to play

Use the mouse to move the diamonds and perform other selection operations

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